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Dansa på hällan

  Once the Breaking Noon project was carried through in Iran, the media collective LoreDoor travelled around the county of Västerbotten in search of traditional recipes. The stories we heard in the wooden bakery cottages in northern Sweden were similar to those we were told during our field trip in Iran. Many of the women we met had worked hard… Read more →

Breaking Noon – Iran

Breaking Noon was a project about baking bread in Iran. In 2011 we travelled to Iran as members of the media collective LoreDoor and spent three months there visiting villages and meeting women who baked bread. To read more about the project visit Loredoor’s blog. This project was funded by Iran Heritage and through scholarships from Umeå municipality and Västerbotten… Read more →

Black and white image of Aude standig with fingers rolled in fists looking disappointed. Bakground pieces of UK visa application form there is a disfragmented Union Jack flag made of origami paper and headlines from newspapers.

Brexit Stories

Life post-Brexit for EU-citizens living in the UK is the focus of Brexit Stories, a mixed media collage series by the Zadissa sisters. The decision for the UK to leave the EU is one that not only transforms the socio-political structures of the country but also consequently affects people’s self-image and understanding of their identity. We use mixed media collage… Read more →

Uncharted Territory Art Show

Uncharted Territory Art Show was an exhibition about Brexit and migration curated by Zadissa sisters 24-30 May 2019. Our aim with the show was to discuss issues about Brexit and Migration through art. Best for Britain supported the show. Participating artists: Barbara Ash  Alexandra Bulat Jill Eastland Theresa Easton April Lin Szilvia Ponyiczki Sarah Steenhorst Fatemeh Takht Keshian Elmira Zadissa… Read more →

Details showing pieces of map making up water in the sea and details of anchor made by crocheted and film negative cut in pieces

To Drop Anchor

To Drop Anchor, a mixed media collage by Zadissa sisters about our own story of migration was exhibited at CamCRAG’s exhibition Home at St Michael’s House, Cambridge June 2019 and at Uncharted Territory Art Show, at St Barnabas Press, Cambridge May 2019. To drop anchor Life, a khatamkari, delicate pieces in eternal patterns sealed under solid varnishFragments of fleeting memories,… Read more →

Gazes and Spaces an art show with queer artists of colour curated by Elmira Zadissa and Ramona Zadissa

Gazes and Spaces Art Show

Gazes and Spaces an art show with queer artists of colour curated by Elmira Zadissa and Ramona Zadissa. The show was part of queer qandī festival. The festival was the first event that we organised for QTI Coalition of Colour which is a network we founded. The aim to not only raise awareness about issues faced by QTI BIPoC but… Read more →

Climate crisis caused by air pollutions

Tulip Series

Tulip Series is our response to the accelerating climate crisis and environmental disasters we have now come to expect as parts of our daily lives. Tulip Series was exhibited at Green Peace Group Exhibition at Christ’s Pieces in Cambridge, autumn 2019. Climate crisis Plastics Microplastics and nanoplastics are emerging concerns of global proportions. They are polluting water and land. In… Read more →

An artwork about inequality made in beige and brown colours, embroidered bricks and tree roots made of ropes


Inequality in beautiful Cambridge Untitled.In.Equality is a collage by Zadissa sisters about inequality in Cambridge. It is a commissioned piece for the True Tales of Change project initiated by The Cambridge Commons and Pivotal. Five Cambridge based artists and a songwriter were commissioned to create works inspired by conversations with Cambridge people who have experienced inequality. Mrs B. We had… Read more →

Ephemeral Lines

Ephemeral Lines was our art residency project at Milton Keynes Arts Centre 2020. The project was initially aimed to examine if the architecture, cultural provision and infrastructure of Milton Keynes reflected on the city’s inhabitants and affected their sense of belonging to the city. Due to the lockdown following the pandemic, instead, we decided to examine the importance of human… Read more →

Better to Speak Remembering

This work is inspired by “Better to Speak Remembering” in A Litany for Survival by Audre Lorde. It was part of The Creaction Series: Creative Critical Interventions for Social Justice organised at the Institute for Advanced Studies at UCL. The series brought together performers, artists, writers and academics, whose work focuses on social justice. This is an excerpt from our… Read more →